Newborn Session FAQs


I’m often asked questions about what happens at my newborn sessions and what my clients should expect, so I’ve listed some of the most common questions here. If you have any that I’ve not answered, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll do my best to answer.

  • Why is it best to book in advance?

Newborn photo shoots ideally take place while your baby is between 5 and 14 days old. This is quite a short window of time, especially as the first few days after they arrive tend to fly past. If you book while you’re still pregnant, then I can guarantee your session within this time frame and it’s one less thing for you to think about once baby is here. It also adds to the excitement of them finally being here and knowing that everything is organised for their very first photo shoot!

  • Why does the session last so long?

A typical newborn session lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours, sometimes a little longer. This is because baby runs the show. I always work to their pace and never rush them. Lots of quiet time and gentle soothing is required to create the best poses and with some babies, this takes longer than with others. Extra feeding is sometimes needed, along with changes and cuddles. But it really does pass quickly while you sit back and watch the magic.
I have a selection of tea and coffee available to keep you refreshed while you’re with me, and I may even have a biscuit or two if you’re really lucky!

  • Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes please. If you’re bottle feeding, make sure you bring along a couple of spare bottles from what you think you’d normally need. Babies tend to feed a little more than normal during these sessions and a top up feed can help them fall back asleep if they become unsettled. If you use a dummy, bring that along too. Nappies, wipes, burp clothes etc, however I do have a supply of these in the studio in case we run short.
If there are items you’d like to include in any of the images, please bring these along too. It’s your session and I’m more than happy to try and incorporate items which are personal to you and your family. It also makes these images unique to you.

  • Will you be handling my baby?

Yes, l will be soothing and posing your baby for the duration of the session, handing him back to you if l feel he needs you. Newborn photography involves special handling techniques which you will be unfamiliar with. However I will make sure he is safe and happy at all times. His comfort and safety are my top priority over anything else. You can of course ask me to hand him back at any point.

  • What happens if my baby doesn’t sleep?

It’s completely normal for baby to be awake during some of the session. Occasionally I don’t even pick my camera up for the first hour or so while baby is being settled. There is time when you arrive to give baby a feed and soothe him off into the land of nod, some just take longer to do this than others. Very occasionally baby will decide that there are far too many interesting things going on to be missed if he’s sleeping, but that’s ok too. I can still capture beautiful images while he’s awake.

  • Does my baby have to be naked?

Many of the traditional newborn poses require baby to be undressed. However, I have many wraps, blankets and little outfits which can be used to cover him up. I don’t tend to take many of baby completely naked, but please let me know if this is something you particularly do not want. Im happy to have baby covered at all times if that’s what you’d prefer.

  • Can I request certain props or poses?

Yes of course. The great thing about having the studio is that all my props are there for you to choose from. I have a wide selection and you can let me know which colours and textures you’d prefer. If you’ve seen a specific pose that I’ve done in previous sessions that you’d really like, then just let me know. However, all babies are different and some will pose more easily than others. So I can certainly try to achieve the image you’d like, but baby will be the decider. If he’s not happy in a certain pose, then I won’t make him uncomfortable just to get it. As I said previously, his comfort and safety are my top priority.

  • What if my baby does the toilet on your blankets?

This is completely normal and happens at almost every session. I’d be more concerned if baby didn’t do the toilet during the photo shoot. All my blankets and wraps are machine washable and are cleaned every time they are used. So please don’t worry. It’s all part of the newborn experience!

  • Will you use a dummy?

Very likely, yes. Even if you don’t use one at home, I find that dummies are usually essential to keep baby settled during his photo shoot. I’ll be moving baby around in ways which will be unfamiliar to him and sometimes extra settling is required. Some babies don’t seem to react at all, while some benefit from soothing using a dummy. I will only use it when I believe it’s required during the session, which will not allow baby to become reliant on it, nor will it cause any confusion during feeding. However if you’re really against me using one, please just let me know.

  • Can my other children/family members come along?

My studio is a decent size however it’s not really the place for young children/toddlers to spend long periods of time. It can be quite boring for them. A calm relaxed atmosphere is essential to newborn photography, and that can be compromised when there are lots of people and children running around. That being said, I love to capture sibling images, they are some of the most special you can have. So any older children you may have are more than welcome to come along to the studio at the beginning of the session to be included in some of the images. I do then ask that every effort should be made to have a friend or relative take them away for the rest of the photo shoot if possible.

  • When do I see the images?

Usually around two weeks after your photo shoot you’ll be invited back to the studio for your portrait reveal and ordering session. Here you’ll be able to view all the images in your gallery and order which ones you’d like to purchase. Samples of my products are available to view in the studio to help you decide which ones would work best for your home.

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