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There are a few things I really love in life. Chocolate being one, my dog being another. However I really love it when I manage to get myself a bit of a bargain. And when it’s time for some pampering you can’t beat a really good massage. So the question is, massage and discounts, what could be better? Nothing, in my opinion!

So to give you lovely mummies to be a bit of both, Tiny Feet has teamed up with Delicate Touch Inverness Therapy. Zuzana runs the show and is a member of the Scottish Massage Therapist’s Organisation. She is very experienced in offering pregnancy massage, as well as numerous other treatments to boost your health and wellbeing. She has her home therapy suite, or you can choose to have her come to your home if you’d prefer.

During pregnancy, many ladies suffer from lower back and leg pain, restless sleep, anxiety and stress. Massage can help relieve these symptoms, as well as increasing your dopamine and serotonin levels which makes you happy. It is also thought to boost the immune system. And massage in generally is just a lovely experience, helping to relax the body and mind. Therefore, massage during pregnancy really is a wonderful thing.

As an added bonus to all the benefits you get from massage, Tiny Feet is offering everyone who has a pregnancy massage with Zuzana a special 15 % discount on digital packages when you book a newborn photo shoot. It could save you over £70! That way you get to feel great during your pregnancy, and feel great about saving some money getting your beautiful new baby photographed. Spend a little with Zuzana to save big with Tiny Feet!

My newborn photo shoot’s main focus is on baby and I have a wide range of props and luxury fabrics to complement the images if desired. I design the session around you and your baby and you’re more than welcome to bring along any items you’d like to include in the images. I also offer a complimentary pre-shoot consultation service where you can come along to the studio, meet me and discuss any specifics you’d like from the session before you make your decision to book with me. That way you can be sure you’re making the right choice for your newborn photography investment.

So what do you think now? Really it’s a no-brainer. Massage and discounts. There aren’t too many things better! If you’d like any further information on this fantastic offer, please contact me for the details.

Until next time…

Viki xx