“There is something so special about experiencing a brand new life, right at its very beginning. These first few days pass so quickly and before you know it, the sleepy, snuffly stage is over. Being able to capture the pure essence of a newborn baby in an artistic and meaningful way is both a privilege and a joy. Tiny Feet allows me to do this and I love it!”


Victoria Mackenzie - Professional Photographer at TinyFeetI have had a love of tiny babies since forever. I studied childcare in college in Scotland and then spent the next few years working with babies and small children within Scotland and the USA.

During a year of overseas travel I took up scuba diving, another area of fascination from a very young age. I became a PADI Scuba Instructor, and Manager of Scubafish Dive Center where I worked for 5 years.

Captivated by the sheer beauty of the reefs, and the fascinating live teeming below the surface, I trained to become a Professional Underwater Photographer, realising a passion I never knew existed. I went on to spend 3 years managing Liquid Lense, Thailand’s leading Underwater Digital Imaging Academy. Here I was able to teach and share my love of photography and the underwater world.

Having spent over five years away, I finally decided to return home to Scotland and combine two of my passions – photography and gorgeous, little babies.

And so Tiny Feet was born……..