tiny feet photography, maternity, newborn, baby photography, inverness, elgin, nairn, aviemore, highlands of scotland, victoria mackenzie, 7 tips to help bring on labourI’m sure a few of you are sitting patiently, or not so patiently, waiting for bubs to make their appearance. If your due date is imminent or baby is late, you’ve probably had everyone and their granny give you advice on how get induce labour. And you’ve probably googled everything you can find on the subject, while trying not to punch the next person who asks if you’ve had your baby yet. But in case you haven’t, here are 7 tips to help bring on labour (apparently 😉 )


– I’m sure you’re feeling at your least attractive right now and thinking about sex is the last thing you want to do. The sex you had getting baby in there was probably fun. Doing the same to get baby out? Not so much. However it is supposed to work, so maybe it’s worth a go. That is, if your partner is still speaking to you after you yelled at him for not buying you the right kind of strawberry ice-cream yesterday…..


– The pressure of your baby’s head pushing down on your cervix helps to release a hormone called oxytocin which can bring on contractions and labour. At this stage of pregnancy, going for a nice walk probably isn’t too high up on your want-to-do list, especially since you quite literally have a baby stuck between your legs. But it might help, so maybe it’s time to get your waddle on!


– This is great, especially if you’re a spicy eater anyway. But if you’re not, remember that as well as stimulating your tummy and womb, it can also stimulate other areas down stairs. So you might find you’re running to the toilet a lot. However you’re probably doing that all the time anyway. So just try it, it might be the last one you can have for a while.

Pinapple Hedgehog


– This yummy fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme which softens the cervix in preparation for labour. But you apparently have to eat LOADS of it for it to work. Not one, not two but SEVEN of the things!! So you really need to be a serious pineapple lover for this one. And if you get bored of eating it, you could always make some fruit animals instead. It wont help with baby arriving but it will help pass the time.


– What? Well yes. Stimulating your nipples helps your body to produce more of the oxytocin which starts contractions. So if you’re a little bored reading or watching crappy day time tv, try it out. You’re more likely to get a little freaked at the size of your boobs and wonder if they’ll always be that big. But it could just help to speed things along and get your labour started.


– Now this could be fun, right? Bouncing around like you used to on a space hopper when you were four. Or the pressure could just make you pee your pants. Either way it’s a gamble worth taking!


– Or you could just sit back, relax and enjoy the extra time you’re getting to yourself. Get a manicure, get your hair done, catch up on all those movies you’ve been meaning to watch. Eat loads while you can use the ‘eating for two’ excuse. And just chill, safe in the knowledge baby can’t stay in there forever and you’ll get to meet them when they’re good and ready to come out.

tiny feet photography, maternity, newborn, baby photography, inverness, elgin, nairn, aviemore, highlands of scotland, victoria mackenzie, 7 tips to help bring on labourNot being a parent myself, I can’t give you any tried and tested-by-me tips. But if you have any of your own, please feel free to share them!
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